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Settlement Video Documentaries

Settlement Video Documentaries

Your story told, documentary style.
Mock Jury/Focus Groups

Mock Jury/Focus Groups

Brainstorm issues, explore tactics, and pit your case against the jury.
Mediation Presentations

Mediation Presentations

Engage for maximum effect. Adapt for opening statements and closing arguments.
Firm Marketing Videos

Firm Marketing Videos

Share your firm's story and enhance your footprint on the web.

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Just Perspective Creates Legal Videos and Mock Trials

Orlando Legal Video and Mock Trials

When you have a legal claimyou have a story to tell.

Like any story, there can be multiple perspectives.

You believe your perspective is “just.”

To the other side, it’s “just your perspective.”

Just Perspective, LLC uses documentary filmmaking techniques to offer your client’s perspective and to tell your client’s story in a compelling way that adds value to the conversation of settlement.  Whether as part of a demand package, a mediation presentation, or perhaps witness testimony for a mock jury, video is a powerful tool in advocating or evaluating your client’s case.

Just Perspective is unique in that its founder, Joe Tamborello, has over 14 years of successful litigationmediation and trial experience, combined with over seven years of training and experience in documentary-style video production.  

With degrees in law and theatre, plus his time of study in film school,  Mr. Tamborello is uniquely qualified to craft your narrative affordably, efficiently, and with the sensibility that comes from standing in courtrooms.

Mr. Tamborello’s background in acting has served him well in the theatre of trial practice, and, in recent years, he has fine tuned his presentation skills to include facilitating mock jury focus groups.  Just Perspective offers the candid opportunity to evaluate the claim in a confidential, unfiltered environment that enhances understanding and the ability to make key strategic decisions in preparation for mediation and/or trial.

Plaintiff or Defense, Mr. Tamborello has had success from both perspectives.  Just Perspective tailors its approach to each project with an understanding of what a trial lawyer needs to accomplish with a witness, a piece of evidence, or a decision-maker.  Merging technical aspects of presentation with legal considerations distinct to your case,  Joe Tamborello will help you educate and convince your audience.

Contact Joe Tamborello for a consultation by email or by phone: 407-969-0080.


Orlando Legal Video

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